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CARBON FIBRE is a lightweight yet extremely durable material. Sunseeker uses carbon fibre extensively in the yacht structure, in hardtop sunroofs, and even more decorative features such as air intake cowlings and glazed handrails. Structures made from Carbon Fibre can lower the weight and overall centre of gravity of the craft lending exceptional seakeeping capabilities. DIAB FOAM is used extensively within the structural build of a Sunseeker. Its low-weight, flexible properties maximises yacht performance, increasing speed and reducing fuel consumption, making for a light, strong and fast craft.



Sunseeker considers the structural arrangement of a yacht in detail at the concept design stage to maximise comfort on-board whilst cruising or at anchor. Employing efficient anti-vibration mounts helps to reduce noise transmission from within the yacht structure. The latest advancements in yacht building also include forming a core structured hull, making use of its natural dampening properties that help to reduce noise derived from the hull structure. Sunseeker installs specialist sound-absorbing materials within the engine room to ensure that you can enjoy your time on board with minimal noise disturbance.


A ruling passion for over 50 years, expert Sunseeker naval architects and engineers are dedicated to crafting an exceptional motor yacht to the point of obsession. Typical of all Sunseeker hulls is the renowned deep-V hull design. Over the decades Sunseeker has developed and refined an easily driven, soft-riding, deep-V hull design. An ingenious innovation in modern yacht design, resin-infused, deep-V hulls command exceptional agility, handling and precision.


Sunseeker yachts are fitted with advanced on-board water filtration systems, specially designed to cleanse and rid water of any bacteria. Bilge water filters ensure that no harmful substances like oil, chemicals and micro-plastics escape into the seas or waterways, promoting cleaner and kinder-to-the-environment crafts.


A Sunseeker yacht is superior. A blend of traditional boat building methods and the latest assembly technology delivers a cutting-edge yacht whilst imbued with the same DNA as early performance models whatever the size. Sunseeker strives to maintain apace with relentless technology innovation in production and manufacturing. In recent years, the most radical Sunseeker models have required tremendous manufacturing assets to bring them to life.


Preserving the future of boat building, Sunseeker has invested in a dedicated Centre of Excellence for Design and Technology, which vertically integrates every detail of the yacht from initial concept design to completion, this allows for seamless quality control processes ensuring each yacht is built to perfection.


We are continually looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our Dorset-based facilities. In a 20-year partnership with AMP Clean Energy, we commissioned the circular biomass project that uses wood off-cuts as a result of production that would otherwise end up in landfill to heat our factories in Poole and Portland. This initiative will save over 25,000 tonnes of carbon over the course of this long-term partnership. 
Since 2012, we have been awarded with environmental accreditation from ISOQAR, emphasising our commitment to environmental protection, pollution prevention and improving our environmental performance.
Dedicated to ensuring a greener future in marine manufacturing, we are exploring further solutions in solar, wind, and rain water capture to reduce carbon emissions, and initiatives to reduce single-use plastic on the production line, striving for a sustainable business.


When Robert Braithwaite started up the engine of a small, open-cockpit speedboat in 1969, it wasn’t just the Hostess 17 that roared into life. It was a new standard of yacht making.



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